Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Wealth Management incorporates financial planning and investment portfolio management. Shaw and Partners will look after all your financial affairs, simplifying the management of your money by harmonising all aspects of your plan to meet your wealth-building goals and maximise your financial outcomes.

The only type of solution worth having is a bespoke one.

Wide breadth of services

Wealth Generation Strategies

Shaw and Partners will work with you to create and grow wealth and achieve your financial goals through careful analysis, investigation and investment. Everyone’s financial position is unique. Shaw and Partners can provide tailored strategies to suit your circumstances and risk profile.

Investment Structuring

Shaw and Partners will help you structure your portfolio, using the most effective investment vehicles to get the best possible performance from your assets.

Portfolio construction

At Shaw and Partners, we manage your wealth by identifying opportunities whilst actively managing the inherent risks that come with investing. We work with individuals, families and businesses to provide services and solutions that assist in the preservation, growth and management of your wealth.

Managed Portfolio Service

If you wish to streamline management of your portfolio, Shaw and Partners will set up and maintain a Managed Portfolio Service, under which you grant discretion to an investment manager to make decisions on your behalf, such as buying and selling securities.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management involves making decisions about asset allocation and choosing investments with your objectives and risk constraints in mind. We balance this against desired performance and manage your portfolio to ensure your financial objectives are achieved.

Managed Funds

Investing in Managed Funds allows you to pool your money with other investors to access a wider range of investments, including international bonds and equities, hedge funds and infrastructure funds. Shaw and Partners can access funds managed by both large and boutique asset managers, as well as Managed Funds traded on the ASX.

Access to Australian and International Markets

To protect yourself against any downturn in the Australian economy or global markets, it is essential to have exposure to a mix of local and offshore assets. Shaw and Partners can assist you in deciding on the asset mix you need to achieve this crucial diversification.

Exchange Traded Funds

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) generally seeks to mimic the performance of a specific index, such as the S&P/ASX 200 index, a currency, or a commodity such as gold. Shaw and Partners’ Advisers can explain how ETFs work and how they can complement your investment portfolio.

Fixed Interest and Bonds

Almost any portfolio requires income-producing assets. Shaw and Partners will enable you to invest in a range of listed government and corporate bonds from as little as $10,000, and advise you on the most suitable investment options.

Cash Management

Shaw and Partners has access to a wide range of cash management accounts paying competitive interest rates. These cash accounts provide you with the ability to direct your cash flow with high visibility and control.

Margin Lending

As interest rates and product features vary among margin loan providers, Shaw and Partners works with a range of margin lenders allowing you to find the best margin loan for your personal circumstances and risk profile.

Estate Brokerage

We understand that losing a loved one is very difficult, and that is why our team is devoted to making your Estate administration a smooth and painless process.  

Our team will walk you through each step involved in preparing and processing a Deceased Estate. We work hand in hand with your solicitor or accountant to fulfill your loved one's wishes. Whether it be transferring assets through an in-specie, charitable donations, claiming an insurance policy, winding down entities such as a Self-Managed Superfund or the sale of shares in the Estate, our experience, and expertise in Deceased Estate matters will ensure you and your family experience a burden-free administration process.

The steps involved include:

1.      Letting us know all the relevant details;

  • Estate details
  • A copy of the will and probate
  • A copy of the deceased's assets
  • An instruction letter either from the executors or solicitor

2.      The Investigation and preparation;

  • Our team searches for any lost shares, assets, or investments
  • SRN and HIN investigations
  • Cost base reconstructions
  • Liaising with share registries and external providers
  • Preparing the necessary paperwork (such as in-specie share transfer forms)

3.      Processing;

  • Selling the assets on the market or via off-market transfers
  • Signing and execution of the Estate instructions
  • Payment of sale proceeds

Our Scope of Estate Matters include;

- Australian Shares

- International Shares

- Listed Fixed Interest

- Closed and Open Managed Funds

- ETFs and Listed Investment Trusts

- Term Deposits

- Property (we can provide our trusted contacts to help handle the Estate wishes)

- Superannuation Funds

- Insurance Policies

- Investment Bonds

- Defined Pension Benefits

- Bequests and Gift Grants

Applying expertise

We draw on the considerable expertise within Shaw and Partners and from a wide variety of external sources to develop and implement investing strategies that will meet your individual circumstances and long-term objectives.

High compliance standards

Our business model mandates high compliance standards and minimises conflicts of interest. Our unrivalled emphasis on honour and integrity underpins our long-lasting partnerships with clients and high levels of client satisfaction.

Broad Range of Services and Investment Solutions

At Shaw and Partners, we are dedicated to providing you with a tailored, bespoke service that offers optimal investment outcomes. We have access to a broad range of investment products that can deliver the solutions you need.


Tailored to you

We endeavour to assess your personal circumstances to determine the best investment strategy for you. Whether you desire a lesser or greater participation in the management of your portfolio, we implement a rigorous process for all clients that is targeted towards understanding your financial goals (excluding execution only trades).*

We pride ourselves on delivering personalised strategies that target your needs and encapsulate your values.