Significant Investor Visa

Significant Investor Visa

The Significant Investor Visa Program is designed to attract overseas investment, providing a streamlined pathway to securing permanent residence in Australia for migrant investors from around the world. The visa provides work, travel and study rights to the primary applicant as well as their spouse or defacto partner and dependent children.

The visa is available to applicants who are nominated by an Australian State or Territory government. To be nominated, the applicant must lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the SkillSelect system. It is a five year temporary visa, for people willing to make an $5 million investment in Australia; in prescribed compliant investments.
After maintaining the SIV investment requirements for three years, the applicant can go on to apply for permanent residency through the Business Innovation & Investment (Residence) Subclass 888 visa.

Investment Component

SIV holders are required to invest $5 million into complying investments for a minimum of three years before being eligible to apply for a permanent visa.

Balancing Investment

A balancing investment of up to $2,500,000 (50%) must be invested in one or more Australian complying funds, including Australian listed securities, eligible debt instruments (such as corporate bonds or notes), listed and unlisted property, infrastructure, deferred annuities and non-residential property. There is a 10% limit ($300,000) imposed on residential real estate for the complying fund.

Emerging Companies

A minimum investment of $1,500,000 (30%) in an eligible managed fund that invests in emerging companies. The eligible funds are required to invest more than 80% of their assets in listed Australian companies that have a market capitalisation of <$500 million.

Venture Capital / Private Equity

A minimum investment of $1,000,000 (20%) in eligible Australian Venture Capital or growth Private Equity (VCPE) funds that are investing in small private companies and start ups.

Shaw and Partners provides investment solutions for all categories that qualify for the AUD$2.5M Investor Visa and the AUD$5 million Significant Investor Visa.

SIV Investment Specialist

Shaw and Partners has an experienced SIV client management team with specialist investment advisers across our network of Australian offices. Shaw and Partners has assembled a team of professionals drawn from across our business, who have deep knowledge and experience with the SIV program.

Multilingual Advisers

Our SIV team includes multilingual speakers, who are accustomed to working with global clients.

Wide range of investments

Shaw and Partners provides access to a wide range of complying funds and the flexibility for investors to modify their investments during the four year investment period.
Our Advisers take the time to understand your requirements and customise a bespoke investment plan that suits your needs.

Portfolio Service

SIV funds are administered through our Portfolio Service which provides a comprehensive overview of your investment portfolio and gives you immediate access to all the information you and your Adviser need to manage your investments effectively.

The SIV Program provides a favourable pathway for migrant investors seeking permanent residency in Australia.