Philanthropic Services

Philanthropic Services

Our team can assist you with your philanthropic wishes through the creation of your financial estate planning, using tax-effective giving structures so that you can build the legacy for the people and charitable causes that are closest to your heart. 

Our philanthropic services to our Private Wealth Clients include; 

  • Establishment of a Charitable Trust for individuals 
  • Develop the right philanthropic investment strategy and mandate to best suit your goals, needs, objectives and the overall impact you wish to give
  • Helping you leave a legacy through your will and estate planning structures
  • Ensure your Philanthropic Trust is managed in accordance to your wishes and provides perpetuity by helping grow the value and impact of your donation over time
  • Financial advice on your tax-effective structure giving 
  • Helping source and find the right charitable cause or program that best matches your passions and values
  • Connecting you and informing all the latest Fundraising, information and donor volunteer opportunities for the charitable causes that are close to your heart 
  • Introducing you to like minded charitable people at our regular philanthropic events
Strategies that enable you to give back to society and make an impact on your community now and over future generations.

Our team have extensive experience providing Not-for-Profit organisations with their investment needs, facilitating and helping to grow their bequest programs, providing financial wealth management advice and portfolio services. 

Our philanthropic services to the Organisations and Charities we support include; 

  • Establishing the right Investment Mandate and Strategy to best suits the organisations investment needs, objectives, risk parameters and impact they wish to make
  • Portfolio Review 
  • Asset allocation advice
  • Financial and Investment Advice which is bespoke to the organisation 
  • Ethical, Social, Governance (ESG) investment advice 
  • Providing appropriate investment advice to best suit your organisation’s mission, values and ethical beliefs
  • Portfolio Reporting Services and Administration support 
  • Facilitating and liaising with external professionals to process Estate Planning Philanthropic donations 
  • Helping to grow the current bequest program and grow the donor acquisition 
  • Connecting the organisation to our network of Private Wealth Philanthropic clients 
  • Networking opportunities to attend our regular philanthropic and fundraising client private events